playing Explorers of Sky on my 3DS with the squished resolution and then going back to my XL with a slightly higher brightness and bigger screens is…

well, it’s something

Arata Iiyoshi - The Power of Darkness
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Resolve! To Make the Search and Rescue!

I like this chapter, but I’m not sure I really love it or anything. The last few parts of Beyond the Sky have been fairly devoid of adventure-y action stuff, but from here on out it’s gonna be battling, exploring and general final stretches.

I’ve got a scenario in my head for the Foggy Forest, at least, but I’m gonna have to think about how to actually have it play out, and then I’ll have to think up what to do for the Steam Cave. I may very well poke my head at some anime episodes and maybe read some other stories (Pokemon or no) to get some ideas flowing. For that matter, maybe I should boot up the game again and do some quick run-throughs of both dungeons. It’s been a while since I really wrote some action.


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"Hunting an Outlaw Again"

"Hunting an Outlaw Again"

To Live - Ch 11

Surprise! More Future Trio story stuff. It’s another Grovyle view chapter instead of Celebi and Dusknoir like the previous one was, but the next one is gonna definitely be the latter two again, and hopefully I’ll be able to work in the last job concept, or at least give it a foreshadow.

I think alternating updates between Beyond the Sky and this will work out well, keep things fresh popping from one work to the other. I’ve got an idea for To Live Ch 12 already, but I have a feeling that if I tried to start it I’d burn out a little.

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